The Nassau County Police Department has acknowledged in a court filing that Bill O’Reilly played a role in an internal affairs investigation into an NCPD detective, confirming a key element of Gawker’s exclusive story last August detailing how the Fox News blowhard tried to have the cop who was…



Jon answers Fox News’ criticism of his Herman Cain jokes with an onslaught of voices.


Fox News has a new tactic


Sarah Palin and her Fox News brethren may need a little education in the rap world, so we’ll do our best to help.

She already knows that Common is one of the most famous rappers from the South Side of Chicago. Well, here are a few things she may not know.


The crazy train is finally coming to an end.

Glenn Beck, the peak of the mountain of crazy that is Fox News, has just announced that he will be ending his daily program sometime in 2011.


Fox News and Glenn Beck announced Wednesday that Beck will “transition off of his daily program” later this year.

Beck’s production company, Mercury Radio Arts, will instead work with Fox News to produce programs for the channel.

Source: says David E.

Kelley’s character has lost her “patriotic costume in favor of ‘globalized’ duds.”