NFL Cuts David Garrard Cut from Jacksonville Where Will He Land

While the Jacksonville Jaguars said goodbye to their veteran quarterback Tuesday, David Garrard is hoping to say hello to another team sometime this season.

It is well known that Andy Dalton is the starting quarterback in Cincinnati, but with the uncertainty of the rookie’s ability to handle the starting role and carry this team, the Bengals find themselves in need of an insurance policy.



Companies are increasingly interested in “disgrace insurance” which protects them when the celebrities who endorse their products crash and burn.


Missouri is the first of at least three states with ballot measures this year aimed at nullifying the federal health care law by invalidating its keystone provision, the requirement that most people obtain insurance or pay a tax penalty.

Turnout is expected to be very low.


The Obama Administration is announcing new regulations to empower consumers to appeal decisions made by their health plans or insurance companies and the availability of resources that will be used to help give consumers more control of their health care decisions.


When Congress required most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty, Democrats denied that they were creating a new tax.

But in court, the Obama administration and its allies now defend the requirement as an exercise of the governments power to lay and collect taxes. Oops.


It looks as if Congress is about to permanently increase FDIC deposit insurance to $250,000 from $100,000 per bank account.

What’s more, it plans to make this increase retroactive to Jan. 1, 2008, …


Same-sex partners of gay and lesbian federal workers can start applying next month for long-term health-care insurance, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) said.

OPM essentially broadened the definition of relatives eligible for the program to include same-sex partners of federal workers, U.S. Postal Service workers and federal retirees.

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