Handing Out Report Card Grades for Every NFL Teams Offense in 2011

In today’s NFL, the offense is the thing.

Yesterday I rated the whole team. Today we’ll look at just the offenses around the league and see who rode the waves to victory, who had tread water, and who might have their fans itching to hold them underwater.



2012 NHL Winter Classic Top 5 Potential Future Classic Locations

The NFL plays games every Thanksgiving Day. The NBA tips off every Christmas. The NHL is taking over New Year’s Day.

The NHL transformed historic Wrigley Field in Chicago into a hockey rink in 2009, the Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers met at Fenway Park in Boston in 2010 and the Sidney Crosby/Alexander Ovechkin rivalry highlighted the 2011 Classic at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.


6 Reasons Why the New Orleans Saints Should Be Super Bowl XLVI Favorites

The New Orleans Saints are recognized as one of the better teams in the NFL this year, but few are saying they could win the Super Bowl.

However, the Saints deserve to be Super Bowl favorites in 2011. They have proved time and again this year that they can beat the toughest opponents and prove critics wrong, yet they do not seem as though they are a serious title contender.


The Green Bay Packers’ 8-0 start, and their 14-game win streak has the rest of the NFL wondering if the Packers can be taken down. While this question remains, the biggest weakness of the Packers is starting to be exposed more and more each week.

The health of Zombo will impact the effectiveness of the outside linebacker position. If he is able to stay healthy, which is a huge question mark at this point, there could be slight improvements there. Undrafted rookie Vic So’oto has yet to see the field on defense, but many hold up that he could help out opposite Matthews. This is far-fetched for a player that the coaching staff has seen only fit for special teams to this point.

Green Bay Packers Are the Defensive Problems Fixable


The title of captain comes with a great amount of respect, regardless of the sport.

To be selected captain of your team means that you are respected by all of your teammates and the coaching staff as well as the fans of your team. You are charged with leading an entire squad. You represent them at all times.

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Week 3 in the NFL was one of the craziest weeks in recent memory.

Nine games decided by a field goal or less. A 15-game winning streak comes to an end. Cam Newton wins his first game. The Vikings blow another huge lead. Michael Vick suffers another injury. The Colts come oh-so-close to their first win under Kerry Collins. Tony Romo plays through a broken rib and leads Dallas to…six field goals, but it was enough to win. …

NFL Week 4 Power Rankings Bills and Lions Move into Top 5 with Undefeated Start


Philadelphia Eagles The Real Deal or All Hype

It’s no surprise that the Philadelphia Eagles are one of the most hyped teams in the NFL this season.

While some can point to the improved secondary as a reason not to worry, the lack of talent at linebacker can prove to be critical when teams begin to run the ball on Philadelphia. Considering that the Eagles’ safety depth is just as bad as that of their linebackers, and Philadelphia’s defense suddenly doesn’t look so invincible.