I watched “American Idol” this week and the lack of talent made me mad.

It wasnt even the lack of singing talent that bothered me because, lets be real, some of our favorite pop-stars (Rihanna!) are not fabulous vocalists. But the fact is you cant be a star if you dont have presence, because a stars job is to make an empty stage feel full with presence. So stars need to be able to work: work the room, work a note, work the stage, w


There are unglamorous aspects of everyones job “ nurses must change bed pans, schoolteachers deal with that one extra dirty kid in class, circus performers have to pause when the elephant does its business.

It’s nice to know that even the rich and famous have difficult days at the office. Here’s a list of 10 dramatic transformations celebrities have undergone for a role, including weight gain, weight loss, and lots of prosthetics.


Labor Day weekend calls for more than a celebration ” it calls for validation of this thing we call work.

Before you canter drunkenly into the long holiday, here are five movies that will reaffirm your faith in your own employment.


During the offseason, 35 teams changed coaches.Not all of these coaches will reach their goal, but it will be their job to get the players to buy into his system as efficiently as possible.


In this weekend’s Everything Must Go, Will Ferrell takes on the role of Nick Halsey, an alcoholic who is stripped of his job and then his dignity when his wife evicts him from their home.

But how did Will Ferrell transform himself from a USC grad to one of the most bankable comedy stars in Hollywood?


The task of translating a film title for overseas audiences would seem like a fairly simple one.

These 50 examples imply that it’s probably a job thrown to a confused intern, who relies on Google Translate for help.


With the Jets releasing Kris Jenkins, they will need to bring in a new starting nose tackle this offseason.  Adding Phil Taylor would fill that need immediately for Rex Ryan.He is very physical, and does an excellent job of plugging up the middle.  As a nose tackle in the NFL he will be responsible for plugging up the middle and taking up as much space as possible.  If he can be as successful as Jenkins was at that position, the Jets defense will continue to be one of the best in the NFL.


No offense to David Slade or Robert Schwentke, but this is how you get a fanbase excited again for The Wolverine.


There was no more captivating story to unfold on TV this year than the shakeup at ‘The Tonight Show.’ When NBC got impatient with new host Conan O’Brien after only seven months on the job and began experimenting with ways to re-install Jay Leno in his old gig, it sparked a controversy that quickly engulfed the entire TV scene.


There are some actors out there who are simply in the profession to make a living. And just like in any other job they do what they have to in order to keep their jobs but they dont do much else.