After last season’s disappointing 5-11 record, hope for the Arizona Cardinals’ 2011 season may be slim.Also worthy of consideration is Coach Whisenhunt’s consistent trend of churning out winning regular season records following a .500 or worse preseason.

Although preseason records are not a good general indicator of regular season performance at the league level, they can be useful for making predictions about specific teams. The Cardinals happen to be a team that displays consistent trends in the regular season based on their preseason record.



Despite being the heavy favorites to win the Champions League final, FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola sounds pessimistic and spent, as though sensing that a loss to Manchester United is imminent.Compared to the squad that beat ManU in Rome, Guardiola said that this year’s Barca team is better but remained extremely cautious, and sounded worried. “We are enthusiastic, but if we play at the Rome level, we will not win.

In Rome, Manchester United had more intensity. Looking back at that game, I see that we did not play well. Now we have to do a better job.”…


So the big news in college football this weekend was the story that Tressel resigned from Ohio State.  Tressel who was a great coach and one of the most respected guys in the sport until this incident, is now burdened by this.James Evens serves as a National Featured Columnist for college football and basketball, as well as the FC for the Purdue Boilermakers.  Follow him on Twitter or like him on Facebook.                     …


Bleacher Report’s Patrick Drottar:The original main event set was to be an epic battle between the city’s native son, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and fellow Ultimate Fighter coach Rashad Evans.

Tempers were high during the entire 10th season of the show and fight fans were anticipating an all-out brawl.


The 12th season of Spike’s The Ultimate Fighter wrapped Wednesday night, closed out by a tremendous fight between Michael Johnson and Nam Phan for a spot in this Saturday’s finals.Perhaps it was the act of coach Josh Koscheck or the team he put together, but that group of men clad in yellow were incredibly difficult to get behind.

The majority were portrayed in such a way that it became easy to root against them and especially the show’s Head Of Antagonism and VP of Pranks, Koscheck.


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