I watched “American Idol” this week and the lack of talent made me mad.

It wasnt even the lack of singing talent that bothered me because, lets be real, some of our favorite pop-stars (Rihanna!) are not fabulous vocalists. But the fact is you cant be a star if you dont have presence, because a stars job is to make an empty stage feel full with presence. So stars need to be able to work: work the room, work a note, work the stage, w



Nothing pisses rock fans off worse than the lead singer of their favorite band being replaced.

This happens across genres, but it’s most common within hard rock — pop, country and R&B vocalists’ departures are usually a precursor to their solo efforts; very rarely does their band continue without them. Hard rock and heavy metal fans, on the other hand, see their favorite bands as a cohesive unit, so when a singer leaves, the rest of the band oft