We were already trying to wrap our heads around the news that Chris Brown would lend his voice to Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” remix, but the singers have managed to blow our minds a little bit more.


Nothing pisses rock fans off worse than the lead singer of their favorite band being replaced.

This happens across genres, but it’s most common within hard rock — pop, country and R&B vocalists’ departures are usually a precursor to their solo efforts; very rarely does their band continue without them. Hard rock and heavy metal fans, on the other hand, see their favorite bands as a cohesive unit, so when a singer leaves, the rest of the band oft


These two Berkley Performing Arts students not only did Adeles hit justice, they owned the song.

Someone get them a recording deal! For a cover song contest, two incredibly talented and relatively obscure singers named Charlie Puth and Emily Luther got together to perform a cover of Adeles beloved ” no, make that revered ” ballad Someone Like You. With this simple cover, the pair let their voices make the most impact.


The Pearl Jam frontman’s ugliest offspring.


The “Burlesque” star flubbed “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but she’s not the first.

A look at other singers who’ve had trouble with the words.


List of The Lamest Replacement Lead Singers, from John Corabi in Motley Crue to Van Hagar to Ripper Owens and more.