Programmers want a bigger piece of the pie.

In high-speed frequency trading millions of trades are made in fractions of a second with no direct human intervention. It is reasonable to ask whether anybody should be making a “ton of money.” Half of U.S. equity stock trades may currently be accounted for this, but to what economically useful end?



There’s no doubt a chunk of the electorate is angry at the federal government.

But are voters willing to take up arms? U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle seemed to raise that specter in three interviews in the past six months.


Winning brings winning, which increases popularity.

Mr. Obama won on more than health care; he won on the stimulus package and the Detroit bailout. And yet his poll numbers continue to float downward. He is not more loved with victory.


The rage surged through the crowd, mixing with the heat, the sweat and the frustration to create a volatile stew, as several hundred locals incensed over power and water shortages blocked the main Alwar Road.

Hundreds of times a week across the nation, frustrated residents block roads and demand resources. But there’s simply not enough to go around