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Some of our favorite music videos of 2011 went straight for the LOLs using parody, satire, good old-fashioned sight gags and intentionally bad overacting.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the, well, funniest funny videos of 2011.


The chaos of her life and the squalor of her untimely death has often overshadowed the innocent beauty that Texan rose Anna Nicole Smith undoubtedly possessed.

Drawn to appearance altering procedures that diluted her striking looks, the late model and actress became a parody of herself in the years before her 2007 death from an accidental drug overdose.
But she left behind one lasting legacy to her angelic appearance in the form of her daughter D


If you thought you had seen the last Muppets parody trailer, think again.

With less than a month until Kermit and Miss Piggy storm the theaters for their movie comeback, The Muppets Studio has a released another promo in which the fuzzy gang pokes fun at Paranormal Activity 3, Puss In Boots, Breaking Dawn and themselves.


Annual ‘Treehouse of Horror’ Halloween special to feature long overdue parody of James Cameron’s epic.


Today marks the 15th anniversary of ‘The Daily Show.’ Yes, our favorite nightly news parody program is all grown up.

Luckily the humor isn’t showing its age — it’s often still just as infantile and hilarious as the day the show premiered.


On Saturday night, SNL aired a Nasim Pedrad starring sketch called Camel Tame, a parody commercial on a more effective way to hide unsightly camel toe.

Well, touch, SNL, because here comes Funny or Dies Cameltoe Shows, starring Kelly Brook, which takes the SNL idea and stands it on its head.