It’s a pretty sweet gig to take the helm of a world champion baseball team while having no prior managing experience, but the honeymoon is about to end for Mike Matheny.  The hiring decision has caused a range of reactions, as he beat out Jose Oquendo, Bobby Valentine, et al.  

What are the first 10 things he should do?…



Despite legendarily roasting all of Hollywood last year during his hosting gig at the Golden Globes (and the resulting grumblings among celebs and media alike) Ricky Gervais will be back to host the 69th Golden Globes Awards.

How far will he go this time?


If you didn’t know better, you’d think that Charlie Sheen spent all this time sabotaging the highest-paying gig in TV just so he’d wind up the guest of dishonor at his own roast, specifically, the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, airing Sept. 19.


EXCLUSIVE: Deadlines’ Nikki Finke has learned that the producer of the Oscars wants Eddie Murphy to host the next show.

While this is nt a done deal yet, sources say he is looking good for the gig.


Who would have ever thought DJing was such a lucrative gig? Well, it’s probably not so lucrative for everyone…

Unless you happen to be Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D. He allegedly makes $40,000 per DJing gig. And he does 3-6 a week. You do the math.


There was no more captivating story to unfold on TV this year than the shakeup at ‘The Tonight Show.’ When NBC got impatient with new host Conan O’Brien after only seven months on the job and began experimenting with ways to re-install Jay Leno in his old gig, it sparked a controversy that quickly engulfed the entire TV scene.


The guy with the annoying voice who led a crusade against evolution has lost his job with the Grey Lady after taking a job advertising for a financial services company.

Apparently, Ben Stein’s decision to become a pitchman for, a dubious financial services firm, finally put his employer over the edge.