Lights from 4,000 oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico can disorient birds causing them to fly in circles for hours until they become exhausted and fall into the sea and die.



Leo Laporte arrived Thursday at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

On Friday morning he arrived at the office of KFI AM 640, the radio station that airs his syndicated “The Tech Guy” program. At 3:42 p.m., he was back at the airport, ready to fly home to Petaluma, Calif.
I don’t stalk Laporte. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. Every time the tech-savvy broadcaster checks into a nearby place using a service called Foursquare, an alert pops up on my


Ten U.S citizens and residents, three of whom are veterans, are stuck abroad or cannot fly within or out of the United States because they are wrongly on a no fly list.


New documents and interviews provide the fullest account yet of this covert operation to remove the dangerous uranium from Kazakhstan and fly it to the United States.

When it was over, the U.S. government paid Kazakhstan about $27 million for the cache.


I have seen a lot of NBA Tatts, and this one gets called out?


Think about the aerodynamics of jet plane, a sailboat and a minivan.

When we build things to fly through the air or propel us through the water, we design efficient vehicles. Not so with cars. Aptera, an auto company startup, aims to change that.

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Hey, it’s a slippery slope.

First they make you fly coach, then they don’t let you stay at the Four Seasons then, before you know it, you’re paying for your own spa & gym memberships

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