Largest Poker Room In Florida Opens To Huge Crowds

Demonstrating the demand for the game in the Sunshine State, a Florida poker room that is the largest in the state opened up on Thursday. According to reports from several Florida sources, the parking lot of the Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville was jammed to its capacity for the opening of Best Bet Jacksonville, which …



2012 NFL Free Agency 7 Players That Teams Will Regret Letting Walk

In the league’s worst-kept secret, Peyton Manning will be leaving the Indianapolis Colts. It is just a matter of when, and what team he will be playing for in 2012. 

Two Super Bowl Appearances. One Super Bowl MVP. Four regular season MVPs. Yep, if a player of Manning’s status can be dismissed, anyone can. Click along and find out if your favorite players could be on their way out of town, and what kind of impact that would have on their former team. …


Recent NBA Slam Dunk Contest participants have taken the thought of being creative with a dunk to a level of shenanigans and horseplay.

Following that was Rodney Carney jumping from just past the free-throw line and putting the ball between his legs. There will be someone who will come to the NBA and find a new way to put the ball through the hoop without needing a fancy bike/car or celebrity to make themselves look more impressive.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2012 Why It Showed a Misunderstanding of Creativity


Odds to Win the NBA Title for Every NBA Team

One half of the 2011-2012 NBA season is in the books, and we’ve made it through an All-Star break that was at times incredibly exciting and at other times mind-numbingly boring. 

Now it’s time for the crucial second half of the season as teams jockey for playoff seeds and berths, all in an effort to win the final game of the year and take home the title as NBA champions. …


Spring football at Ohio State is still more than a month away, which means Buckeye fans are still waiting a little longer for the official debut of the Urban Meyer era.

He has already started to change the culture inside the program with a very intense winter workout program that has gotten rave reviews from current players. The players have hit the weight room with authority even though they are a month away from hitting in pads for the first time since the Gator Bowl loss to Florida.

Ohio State Football 5 Players Who Need a Great Spring Performance


Trash talk is nothing new in the sports world—crapping on the competition has been around for as long as competition itself. Love it or hate it, there’s absolutely no denying that it adds an entertaining dimension to every sport. 

There’s definitely a fine line between trash talking the opposition and insulting them. Some athletes and sports broadcasters have no difficulty walking this line, but many others struggle with it—although, those who struggle with sportsmanship tend to also struggle at being human beings. …

50 Nastiest Insults in Sports


Despite being a short season, there have already been many amazing plays in the NBA. 

To go along with all of the slam dunks, long range shots, buzzer beaters and upset wins, here are the top assists from the first half of this NBA season. …

Video Flashiest Dimes from the First Half of the NBA Season


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